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:) June 3, 2012

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Did not realise I already had an account on Word Press, turns out I used to post my life on here. Cringing.

Thought I might make a blog again, miss posting tons of stuff 🙂 I use tumblr but that gets boring. But yeah.. thought i’d rant first about the fact girls complain about other girls adding pictures of themselves on sites. I know it’s annoying if it’s like a daily thing but if someone wants to add a few photos of themselves what’s the problem? I know I do it, not because I love the way I look.. because the likes/comments, etc put me in a good mood. Gives more confidence and makes me feel better about myself 🙂 So because someone posts pictures doesn’t mean they love themselves, it means they want to find confidence in adding photos. But when it is like 10 a day, that is annoying.

Anywayy, school on Tuesday. Final year! Wows.. seems like we started 1st year not long ago! crazyyy. Soon we’ll be finishing school, organizing University and our own houses. Driving in the next month too, felt so old ordering my provisional, need to get new photos though because my passport photo is gross! Got accepted into college too, open day next week! bit nervous! & I’m seeing Blink 182 next month, turning 17 4 days after, woww 🙂 and turning my hair completely blonde, eeeek 🙂

Positive thoughts! :)<3


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