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Lazy Day! June 4, 2012

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Things done:

  • Tidied room.. spotless! YES.
  • Done all my washing.
  • Dried all my washing.
  • Watched Little Focker.
  • Did the dishwasher.
  • Made food for everyone.
  • Put shopping away.

Things I still need to do: 

  • Shower.
  • Hoover my floor.
  • Change my bed covers. 
  • Put all my clean washing away.
  • Dry hair/straighten hair so I can get up later tomorrow!
  • Set alarms for tomorrow ):
  • Sort out what I need to take to School tomorrow. Meh.
  • Read a book, light candles to relax for a bit. Maybe put a face mask on too 🙂
  • Sleeeeeeeep. 



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